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NGT Webinar: The City is a Gym – May 27

May 3, 2016

Next-Generation Transportation Info Sessions


The City is a Gym: How Vancouver became a healthier city through the design of its transportation system



May 27, 2016

1–2:30 pm PDT

Speaker: Gordon Price, SFU City Program


When people have to drive to a gym to use an exercise bicycle, something is wrong.  What if the city itself encouraged activity, providing safe and accessible ways to get needed exercise while at the same time getting someplace. This presentation by SFU City Program Director Gordon Price will explore how Vancouver is becoming the city as workout—and what measurable outcomes have resulted.



How to price education in Vancouver

May 3, 2016

According to Langara College:


Goodbye to all this – 2

May 3, 2016

As part of the West End plan, new density was to be concentrated on the western end of Davie Street, leaving the Gay Village up the hill as a more low-rise streetfront.  And so the one-storey spec commercial buildings from Denman to Cardero became highly desirable.  This one is soon to go:


Davie 1 (1)


To be replaced by this:

Davie 1 (2)


It retains the commercial frontage but, at least in the rendering, lacks very much architectural interest, while significantly changing the scale of the street.

Goodbye to all this – 1

May 3, 2016

Not that anyone will care very much when this building comes down – soon.

Cardero and Georgia


It’s a modest concrete office building at Cardero and Georgia.  Seventies, perhaps?  Brutalist, maybe?  But a nice horizontal, modestly scaled structure soon to be succeeded by a more architecturally inventive tower.

Cardero 2

A Seawall in Seattle

May 3, 2016


The Shame of Stanley Park

May 3, 2016

The bike route that connects the seawall from English Bay to Coal Harbour runs by the garden illustrated below, and of course attracts heavy traffic.  Most of it is separated from the pedestrian path – except for one critical piece:

SP tunnel


This dank and dark little tunnel under Stanley Park Drive crams peds and bikes together, with room for neither, on a blind curve.  It’s been like this for years, even as the conflict has grown – and it’s not the only case where bad design suggests that the Park Board has not really prioritized active transportation in their plans.

The Glory of Stanley Park

May 3, 2016

The exuberance of a west-coast spring is on display in Stanley Park – notably at the Greig Rhododendron Garden (south of Lost Lagoon, north of the pitch-and-putt course, steps from the West End).

Rhodo 1

Rhodo 4


A wonderful perennial experience – and yet so fleeting.

Rhodo 2

Rhodo 3


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