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Development: Arts Space and Poor Doors

March 19, 2015

Ian Robertson draws attention to this proposal at 2nd and Main:



Interesting that there is some non-market artist space, though packing two bedrooms in 615 sf certainly does not allow much space in which to actually create art, especially if two+ people were to be living there.
Also I am somewhat troubled by the apparent spatial separation between the market and non market parts of the building … the non-market even has a door between the elevator banks to separate the spaces. In effect, the non-market part of the building has a poor door at the back of the building. More information would be required to see how this would work in practice, as at the moment it looks decidedly like the market places have access to decidedly greater facility than non-market. All the amenity spaces I see are specifically listed as being ‘Market Amenity’.
It troubles me that the poor door style is coming to Vancouver, even as it is being phased out elsewhere for its gross unfairness.

Fun Fact: Poodle vs Port Mann

March 19, 2015

From Ian:

The Main Street Poodle (partly paid for by TransLink as a public-art requirement) cost $62,000.

The Port Mann Bridge loses $79 million/year.

The bridge losses could pay for a brand new poodle on a pole every seven hours.


Critic of Main Street Poodle: Jordan Bateman.  Promoter of Port Mann Bridge: Jordan Bateman.

What is the referendum really about?

March 19, 2015

Some PT readers are wondering.


What is going on with the province with Transportation Minister Todd Stone saying that  TransLink governance is a red herring and a non issue?


PT: TransLink is not so much a red herring as a good whipping boy – the necessary diversion so that the consequences of No remain unmeasured.

If your purpose is to limit local government –  its power, purpose and revenues – the referendum is sure an effective way to do it. Translink is collateral damage.
James Beaudreau:
I can’t help but think that this kind of two-tiered system might be a future possibility here in Vancouver too, especially if we refuse to invest in needed transit investments.



Startup launches “lounge-like” commuter buses in San Francisco

Frustrated Marina District commuters who are tired of watching overcrowded downtown San Francisco buses pass by will have a new option on Wednesday.  They can buy a seat on Leap Transit, a new private bus service that features amenities like on-board WiFi, café-like seating and gourmet snacks delivered by an attendant.
It’s the third new private mass transit company that has begun offering San Francisco residents an alternative to public buses or pricier options such as taxis, private ride-hailing services or charter cars.  Leap Transit rides are initially priced at $6 each, with ride packs and commuter benefit discounts available.
“Leap is like a lounge on wheels,” said Kyle Kirchhoff, Leap Transit’s 30-year-old founder and CEO.
Kirchhoff has raised $2.5 million for his vision from a variety of big-name investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, Slow Ventures, Draper Associates, SV Angel, Marc Benioff, Scott Banister, and Naval Ravikant.

Referendum: Singalong Support

March 19, 2015

From Vancity Buzz:


Student members of the University of British Columbia’s A Cappella Club have lent their voices to support the ‘Yes’ vote in Metro Vancouver’s transit plebiscite.  The video of the student club members on an articulated bus singing a transit-themed parody of the Beach Boys’ “I Get Around” song.

Ohrn Image: Imaginary Conversation

March 19, 2015


“Hi Janet. Just to let you know, the catering is going to be 20 minutes late, and the delegation from Australia is through the airport and on Skytrain headed downtown, here in 20 minutes”.

“OK David. Thanks. Is the room ready?”

“Yes. The IT stuff is set up and tested, Natalie’s on call, and marketing is waiting for you to call.”

“Great! I’m on Seaside and about 15 minutes away. Greet the Aussies and show them to the room if I don’t arrive first”.

“OK. Say, Janet, what’s it like out there?”

“Really nice.  I’m under a bunch of cherry trees right now.  I almost don’t want to leave. But better get moving.  See you in 15.”



Ohrn Aussie

Referendum: MLA Response – Linda Reid

March 18, 2015

MLAs continue to state their positions on the referendum.

Linda Reid, Liberal MLA for Richmond East 


As a voter, I am going to vote Yes in the referendum.

The Kitten is Impressed

March 18, 2015



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