From About Here founder Uytae Lee — part of the team at Halifax-based PLANifax — comes the following video, entitled “Why are we getting rid of a highway in Vancouver?”.

It’s a cogent and thorough backgrounder on Vancouver’s viaduct teardown project.

It runs 5:28. It’s light, heavy, serious and fun at the same time. And it’s worth every second.

The video starts with a project overview, including some penetrating context on the viaducts, and the viaduct-spawning master plans for all-freeways all-the-time everywhere.

It then drops into urban renewal (the sad and crude excuse for neighbourhood destruction-by-viaduct), the effects that such highways have on cities, and finishes with a look at other cities and why they too are getting rid of freeways.

All in 5 minutes.

Stay tuned for the next edition, which promises to cover those opposed to tearing down the viaducts.