As of last week, this is what Vancouver’s upgraded 10th Avenue Bikeway looked like in the hospital precinct near Oak Street — still incomplete, but already being used.


This is the one that prospective NPA mayoral candidate Glen Chernen promised to take out with heavy equipment if elected.

Whether 10th Ave, Point Grey Road, Hornby Street, or any other piece of the network, it’s not going to happen — for at least four reasons.

(1)  Once complete it will prove to be a satisfactory outcome for the various users, as with all the other separated routes.  No ‘Mageddons will occur.  And almost no one will want to go back to the previous arrangement.

(2) It will cost a significant chunk of change to return the street to its previous condition — and waste all the money that was used to construct the improved route.  What a great way to brand the beginning of your term: ‘Wasting taxpayers’ money in pointless exercises of revenge!’

(3) It will mobilize opposition with a dramatic act — literally allowing defenders of active and safe transport to lie down in front of bulldozers. Cue the cute kids and seniors on bikes.

(4) The rest of council will probably vote against him, having realized that a 10th Avenue Bike Lane Removal Project is lose-lose-lose all the way around.

It’s an empty promise, thereby demonstrating that, as mayoral candidate, he has a big mouth, but it’s toothless.