Last week’s panel discussion on mobility pricing, held at Simon Fraser University, was an excellent exploration of how London and Stockholm have utilized road pricing and congestion charges.

For those who call the Pacific Northwest home, there’s another excellent opportunity underway now to learn, from a citizen’s perspective, how a road pricing pilot project works.

If you own a car and live in Metro Vancouver, the Washington State Transportation Commission has an open invitation for you to participate in the Washington Road Usage Charge Pilot Project.

This innovative pilot will evaluate how such road charges will be allocated based upon the experiences of 2,000 motorists, and you don’t need to be driving into the United States to participate. Don Buchanan, Transportation Planner for the City of Surrey, let Price Tags know that spaces are still available for drivers in British Columbia.

In fact, we’re part of the study, which involves receiving a snappily designed (very Apple-like, one could say) box containing a little transceiver that is mounted under the dash of your car.

Participants are not charged for their miles, but review mock invoices and complete quarterly surveys on their experience. Here is your opportunity to comment directly upon the use of this emerging technology in Washington State.

If you are interested in signing up, you can find more information here.