Check this out on iTunes or Anchor.  Second in, hopefully, a long series on the Metro Vancouver political scene.  These podcasters are enjoying themselves, and are not totally serious, except that they pretty much are. You’ll enjoy it too.

My précis:

Cambie Reports 2 (42:40)

Mayoral Elections

Vision emerges, Lefty coalition may be out?, or is it posturing, since it’s early days and no nomination dates announced. Precedent exists for a lefty coalition. Might depend on a star candidate arriving on the scene. Who: Shauna Sylvester?

Greens: very popular, note School board success; hard to balance reach between high ambition (Mayor) & lower (council); but Greens are pulling no ugly baggage here; Pete Fry for council

NPA win is in the bag. Or is it. Coupar — great press on announcement, represents old guard of the NPA, has Affleck backing, plus other NPA establishment members; Chernen — knee-jerk reactionary, viaducts forever, with a terrible web site; and then Bremner (supply-side on housing). Note Adrian Crook’s taunt to “car bros”, the NPA’s bastion of supposed support (in a losing cause) for the last 10 years.

Metro Vancouver Region Board

Pension decision — $ 1100 per year for each year served
Pols need to be remunerated; we should pay for quality and diversity
Where is the CTF rage-baiting?
How do you become a member (appointed, not popular with panel)
Helps to avoid regional amalgamation (ref: Toronto)

Another Mayor Bites the Dust

Richard Walton — District of N Van
Note small town Mayors tend to stay in Mayor’s chair for a long time
To what extent did transit referendum damage Liberal & Mayors relationships? (great story)
Greg Moore (Port Coquitlam) — big sharp break with Prov Liberals
Lois Jackson — Delta (new mayor may help enable regional growth strategy, reduced car-dependency)