From smartcitiesdive – some things to think about when designing or adapting cities for autonomous vehicles:

  • Preparations and improvements could start with something as simple as fixing potholes and ensuring lane markings on city streets are visible and consistent.
  • Should (AVs) be in dedicated lanes, at least during a likely transition period when they will need to share space with human-operated vehicles?
  • Dedicating lanes to AVs could raise questions about fairness, as AVs would initially only be used by a select few people.
  • It could be difficult given the constraints already on cities’ right-of-way and a lack of space to further widen their streets.
  • Cities also need to consider upgrades to their intersections, so that connected AVs can communicate with traffic signals to ensure a smooth ride.
  • If the growth in AV use means less need for parking, cities may need to decide what to do with excess surface parking lots and parking garages.
  • Companies are already exploring how to change parking lots and garages, especially if those AVs also run on electricity and need to be charged. … With humans not required to plug the AV in to charge it, the car could take itself to recharge at any location that has the infrastructure.