Yes, carwalking is a  thing, and surprisingly became popular with Michael Hartmann in Munich Germany back in the 1980’s. He took this kind of thing seriously, climbing over hoods of cars that were in his way. Think back to the 1970’s and 1980’s, when motordom reigned supreme and everything was just a freeway ride away. Of course vehicles took advantage of their use of space and parked just about anywhere.

Besides Michael Hartmann other creative individuals have also carwalked, including the legendary Peatonito in Mexico City. Wearing a wrestler’s mask and superhero cape he “works tirelessly” through humour and other pedestrians to draw attention to cars that are in pedestrians’ way. This link from citylab shows Peatonito’s actions in New York City traffic a few years back.



And here is the link to Michael Hartmann’s Autoschreck video from 1993  describing why he carwalks. Has much changed in 25 years  in the relationship between pedestrians and vehicles in the pursuit of safe and equitable space?


And one more with Mission Impossible music, from Honduras, to complete the Friday file. This can also be viewed here.