Thirty-five years ago before there was an internet, a remarkable thing happened on Galiano Island. The island is located a 55 minute ferry ride from the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal, and you do need to take a ferry on and off the island. A truck of beer, wine and spirits had arrived the night before for the designated British Columbia liquor store. The next day the alcohol-all of it- was gone from the back of the sealed truck.  Locals assumed that someone had a very fine root cellar full of the booty, and suspiciously looked at the spirits being served at local parties for many years.

Another curious theft of alcohol has been reported in the Delta Optimist where a trailer full of Coors Light beer in Delta was burgled by a red semi-truck in the morning of January 20th. Since there was GPS tracking aboard, it is known that the trailer was driven to the 8000 block of Blundell Road in Richmond. When discovered the next day in Richmond, 2,592 cases of  Coors Light were missing from the trailer, which had a retail value of $155,000.  That means there are 67,184 cans of beer on the loose, a huge number to secret away.

Twitter of course went wild, stating that no self-respecting Vancouverite would be drinking these watered down suds, and another suggesting perhaps the robbers were just looking for empty beer cans for the deposit.  But despite the banter, Canadians do drink a lot of beer and the Toronto Star notes that Budweiser is the top beer in Canada with Coors Light being the top light lager.

If you do notice 2,500 cases of Coors Light, or see some unusual activity regarding someone selling a whole lot of this product, please contact the Delta Police or Crimestoppers.

Molson Canadian & Coors Light Vented Cans