In the category of the Gordie Award for  Work with Biggest Planning Impact, Price Tags Vancouver unanimously chose the ambitious New Ten Year Housing Strategy as announced by the City of Vancouver.

In a city where the meteoric rise of the price of housing has completely outstripped the salary ability  of Vancouver workers,  Chief Planner Gil Kelley has brought forward a plan to build 72,000 new homes with housing going to families making 80,000 dollars or less and single person households making less than 50,000 dollars. Forty per cent of housing will be for families and 65 per cent of all housing will be for renters.

This ambitious housing plan was created after 14 months of dialogue and research. Development processes will also be streamlined to expedite the housing work. In a city where the gap between what people make and what they can rent or buy is so proportionately inequitable, this is a much-needed intervention to provide housing for everyone.