Lots of people have lots of ideas about Vancouver’s identity: what are we, what we do. Here are two examples that popped up in my world today, that point to changing pieces of our identity that don’t always register in various quarters.

First:  Kenneth Chan in the Daily Hive, on the latest tech company to expand significantly in Vancouver.  Some goofy bunch with a goofy name:  “Facebook”.  Yet another 1,000 jobs.   Yet another premium downtown location (Waterfront Centre, 200 Burrard St.).


Thanks to Cadillac Fairview

Writes Chan:

Vancouver’s tech industry is rapidly expanding; significant job growth in the tech industry is pushing the demand for office space in the city. According to a recent CBRE report, over 50% of the prospective tenants looking for office space are in the tech industry.

Demand is so high that downtown Vancouver now has the second lowest office vacancy for a city centre area in North America.

Second:  a lot smaller in overall impact, but a good example of how a big savvy mainstream organization (YVR International Airport) decides to publicize a worthy charitable effortBuy a pair of these fun socks and YVR’s partner (Covenant House) will donate a pair of warm thermal socks to someone who needs them.

Vancouverite.Socks.YVRAmong YVR’s sock designs is “the Vancouverite“, and here is the photo used to illustrate it.

Yes, it’s a bicycle.  Once (and occasionally still) the pariah of all right-thinking people in Vancouver, but now a commonplace symbol of the city.  It’s part of who we are now.

P.S. I bought a pair.