Zoning, the missing middle and lack of supply are frequent topics in discussions regarding the housing crisis in the City of Vancouver.  One local group Abundant Housing Vancouver, aims to bring the conversion to the forefront by highlighting current zoning practices in the city.

“We think that building more housing is part of the solution to the housing crisis in our City. This is based on the common-sense idea that, if there is more housing for people, more people will have more housing.”

“Meanwhile, apartments are illegal on 76% of Vancouver’s residential land, severely restricting where relatively affordable, multi-family units can be built. We do not believe that supply is the whole answer, or the only answer. But we do believe that zoning for expensive, low-density housing is part of the problem.”

If you haven’t already, check out their website and Instagram page which provides helpful visuals of how current zoning shapes land use.  Some posts from Abundant Housing Vancouver’s Instagram page are located below:



What we let people build on a corner lot within walking distance of good transit, 1905 vs 2014. The 2014 lot is about 25% bigger too.


Throwback to our Mount Pleasant tour – these pre-zoning 1912 apartments are nearly 3x denser than the 1968 apartments across the street


9-story Mount Pleasant building, on a quieter side street. Townhouses at street level. 125 homes, many families with kids.

Some great starting points for discussing the supply side of the housing equation.  Of the many issues to consider regarding the examples of the older apartment buildings and their efficient land use are the tight setbacks and absence of mandatory minimum parking requirements back in the day, but those are topics for another post.

For more information on Abundant Housing Vancouver click on the links below:


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