From a standing start at zero bikes and zero stations a year ago on July 20, Vancouver’s Shaw and Vancity-sponsored bike share system has become just another get-me-around choice that you can make.  And people are using it a lot.

Here are a few numbers to describe Mobi’s start-up year.

  • 400,000+: total rides since July 20 (where a bike was taken from one station and returned to another), with an average of 2,500-3,000 trips per day
  • 3,915 trips: Busiest day (July 1, 2017)
  • 72,602 trips: Busiest month (June 2017)
  • 1.14+ million km to date
  • 19 minutes: Average trip duration
  • ~3km: Average trip distance

For me, the telling bike-share operational statistic is “average number of rides per bike per day“.  Since the number of bikes has been growing steadily to around 1,200 today, from zero a year ago, I can’t do useful math without a whole lot more fine-grain detail.

However, we do know that on the peak day (July 1), the rides per bike was around 3.3.   This is OK, if not spectacular.  My guess is that the big ride-per-bike-per-day numbers occur in big mature systems with broad geographical spread. Vancouver’s Mobi is new, comparatively small and operates in a limited size area.

It’s also worth noting, for a moderately complex system startup like this, that operational glitches have been small.  What I tell people is this:  “It just works“.