Two down, one to go.

Finally – a response from an NDP MLA: Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA for Vancouver West End:

As an MLA who represents a community where 70% percent of us bike, bus, or walk to get to work I know the benefits of strong investments in public transit, and transportation infrastructure.

To answer your question – a BC New Democrat Government will get rid of the referendum requirement that has delayed progress on fixing lower mainland traffic congestion, and improving our transit system.

We will also work with Metro Vancouver municipalities to develop a new Translink governance model that provides the structure, the funding model and the certainty to make good transportation decisions to manage the system well, and most importantly, to get people to and from home, work and school faster.

Thank you for your continued work, and passion for a livable region,



It would still be great to see in writing the official response of the NDP/Green government – but we’re assuming that’s coming.  Better yet, actual legislation to remove the requirement, even if provisions are not currently in force, would be the best.