While strolling through Coal Harbour yesterday I noticed how futile the attempts have been to add a strip of grass along some downtown streets.  The conditions of wear and tear appear most severe adjacent curbside parking, witnessed here along Bute Street near Pender:

2017-06-01 16.51.43

I applaud the effort of the city to bring some green to our boulevards, but lets face it this isn’t the look and surface we’re aiming for.  When you turn the corner however your eye is drawn to a seemingly flawless linear putting green, in stark contrast to the worn dirt fringe down the street:

2017-06-01 16.58.58

This of course is artificial grass, a low maintenance but high cost alternative for a splash of green in the city.  I have to admit some of the early installations looked a bit fake, but these areas appear decently realistic.  The contrasts of the two treatments also exist on both sides of Davie Street at Homer:

2017-05-31 10.42.10

Northside of Davie Street


Southside of Davie Street

Working around large trees and mounds doesn’t appear to be an issue either:


I am not sure if these artificial turf treatments are paid for by developers or Stratas in specific locations.  If someone could fill us in on what agreements are in place that would be much appreciated.  Cheers.