As noted by the CBC there is a lot happening in Edmonton this summer, and you can add removing the curb lanes of traffic on Jasper Avenue between 109th Street and 115 Street as another improvement. That former car dominated space will become expanded sidewalks and street cafes on this important stretch of street. Council received 78 per cent support for this  $19 million dollar project that will bring this city into this century.

Edmonton has this right: if you want to create social spaces, enhance interaction, and get people to spend money at retailers, you need great walkable streets, accessible to everyone. Citizens living downtown wanted to walk to the stores and to work-an interesting comfortable convenient walkable street is the way to go.

“For the past two years, city staff have been gathering feedback about permanently reducing a stretch of Jasper Avenue between 109th Street and 124th Street from seven lanes of traffic to five, including turning lanes. The sidewalks would be built out and adorned with trees and more lighting. Restaurant owners could potentially take advantage of the space to create patios.

Edmonton is seeing a changing demographic with more people living in the downtown-and with that increase in density walkability is paramount. Kudos to them for taking the first step.