Spring, Ladysmith and one very big Rhododendron Bush

It is spring, and this year it is a bit late but still resplendent in the colours and textures of a new season. The Province newspaper and Patrick Johnstone have written about a  rhododendron bush which is flowering in a front yard in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island-this remarkable plant is over one hundred years old, is over  25 feet tall and 30 feet wide, and is called “Lady Cynthia” which is really the name of the type of rhodo.


The pink rhododendron at 226 Kitchener Street in Ladysmith is believed to be at least 115 years old.

And here it gets interesting. “According to the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce, Lady Cynthia first sprouted in Scotland before being carried south through the Atlantic, around Cape Horn and then back north up the coast of South America and via Hawaii on a sailing ship.” And the Bored Panda website rated the rhodo as one of the world’s most magnificent “trees”.

If are you in Ladysmith,  you can go by 226 Kitchener Street and see this rhododendron, which will be blooming for the next few weeks. Welcome to Spring.



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2 thoughts on “Spring, Ladysmith and one very big Rhododendron Bush”

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  2. danceslowlikehoney said:

    So, if they know how old it is and the exact route it travelled in 1904 from SCT to CAN, then why doesn’t anyone mention the family which planted it? Surely, there must be both shipping and property records for identification.
    It would be nice to find the family and possibly photos of the original house with the Rhodo as a young plant…it’s baby pictures.


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