A design concept package for the 5-block part of 10th Avenue between Oak and Cambie is coming to Vancouver City Council on May 16 for review and approval.   The area even has a name — the Health Precinct — which will be reflected in the redesign.

This is an area that is currently not working for many of the most vulnerable of its growing user group.  But the area’s complexity means the changes are fittingly complex.  For example, they include the City acquiring new right-of-way agreements for land to be used for sidewalk and utility purposes.

To quote the design concept package:

CONCLUSION  The general sentiment heard through the engagement process was that 10th Avenue through the Health Precinct does not work well for anyone in its current form. This proposed design has been endorsed by the Health Precinct partners and staff believe the changes made to the recommended design over the course of the engagement process address the primary concerns raised by the city advisory committees, including the Seniors’ Advisory Committee, the Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee, and the Active Transportation Policy Council (see Appendix F and G for specific responses). Staff will be meeting with all three committees in advance of presenting the project to Council. The new design is expected to improve the area for all road users, particularly vulnerable pedestrians, people accessing the health precinct by vehicle, and people biking.

Here’s an example —  an overview of the changes proposed for the block between Laurel and Willow:

As usual, you can have your 5 minutes before council by registering in advance.