From Vancouver International Film Festival:

Vancouver: No Fixed Address


In Haida Gwaii, Charles Wilkinson explored and celebrated the resourceful (and resource-conscious) alternative lifestyles that coexist and flourish in Northern British Columbia. In this follow up, he turns his eye on our own home town, to dissect the often difficult and perhaps untenable compromises that come with putting down roots in one of the “most liveable” cities in the world….

Among the speakers, you will likely recognize David Suzuki, Gregor Robertson, and Bob Rennie, but the film also lends an ear to First Nations voices, to immigrants from China, to our homeless, and the millennial generation who in many cases can’t afford to live in the city where they were born. Are developers being given too much license, or not enough? Are foreign speculators distorting the market? Is globalization to blame? Or just greed across the board?

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