Walking near Nelson and Howe (808 Nelson St., Nelson Square) and discovered this fun showing.  Dozens of reproductions of a comic strip character called Tian Tian, in various sizes, altered by artists.

Tian Tian is the creation of Hong Kong’s Danny Yung. The exhibit is one of those things that makes a city a stimulating place, when serendipity meets cross-cultural fun.

Click any image to see a large version slideshow of them all.

The Blank Boy Canvas collaboration has been brought to North America in an exhibit designed to stimulate conversation about creative reasoning and the individual approach to creative execution. The three-dimensional, nearly 2 ft. casting has been given to selected artists to freely express, create or alter while exploring the theme of infinite possibilities.  This cross-cultural collaboration transcends language and denomination. Explore each artist’s creation, and learn more about them!