This is the Arbutus Greenway, resplendent in its temporary surface coverings.

But notice the slow accumulation of tip-offs, vague clues and ghostly suggestions about what might eventually comprise broad themes of the final design (or not) — once those consultations are completed.  And:  are these possibly design and theme suggestions being planted subliminally in the minds of Arbutus travelers?

First:   a bench, a place to sit and watch the world pass by.  Welcome:  it says.  This place is for you. Stop a while if you’d like to.

Second:  a reminder (rough though it may currently be) of the Arbutus Greenway’s heritage as a railroad right-of-way.  Sections of old railroad track placed on each side of the bench platform.

Third:  a travelers’ amenity.  A Mobi station.  It says:  Got places to go?  Here’s another option. Ride me.

Fourth:  Space.  This space and this place are for you.  Travel in peace and comfort here.
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