The Capture Photo Festival has two events that focus on Vancouver’s look, and specifically caught my interest.  There are plenty of other Vancouver-related photo events in the festival, if you’re interested.

Herzo.Modern.ColourAt the Equinox Gallery, my photo hero Fred Herzog is showing some of his street pix from mostly early days, as published in the terrific new book “Modern Colour“.  Mr. Herzog is among the few at the top of the game when it comes to colour pix, along with Eggleston, Shore and the other big doggies in this world. But most of Herzog’s work is from the streets of Vancouver.  As such, his view shows a side of Vancouver’s heritage as almost a byproduct of the photos.

The New York Times lists this in the top ten photo books of 2016.  Here’s a review from Kenneth Tanaka via Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer.

At the same time, we get a collection photos of Art Deco architecture and design at The Lost Vancouver: An Art Deco Tour. At the Space Gallery, 552 Clark Drive.

This exhibition around art deco architecture and design in Vancouver draws a parallel between the work of British Columbian photographer Simon Desrochers and its interpretation by Parisian illustrator Mathieu Persan.

The Lost Vancouver also raises questions about the place and the future of the arts, and their necessity in the development of Vancouver.