Its seemed like a simple thing, but became a icon in Los Angeles without really trying. When British designer Paul Smith opened up shop on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood 11 years ago he painted the concrete wall a very very bright pink. Originally thinking that this would attract passing motorists, this wall has become the message for thousands of Instagram photo takers with over 44,000 posts on the tag #pinkwall.

Paul Smith’s Pink Wall has even been featured in where Dani Mau noted One visitor I spoke to even referred to it as a “landmark,” and as of a few months ago, it has its own security guard tasked with preventing cars from colliding with photo-takers and attempting to enforce the no-professional-cameras rule.There wasn’t one moment during my time there that the wall wasn’t at least 70-percent occupied by friend groups, couples and even entire families taking photos without any detectable shame or embarrassment.

Visitors tended not to take a quick shot and leave, but rather spend upwards of 10 minutes crafting the perfect photograph, pausing to look at the results, giggle, and start over with a new pose. The scene was more reminiscent of what might go down in front of Niagara Falls or the Eiffel Tower than your typical Instagram wall. “

Now Paul Smith’s products are not cheap, and certainly many of the folks taking photos with the pink wall may not be able to afford his products-yet. “While knowing about a brand doesn’t translate to sales now, that doesn’t mean it can’t in the future…Well, perhaps 20 years from now, when they’re celebrating a recent job promotion by treating themselves to a new work outfit (Paul Smith) or cocktail dress (Dolce), they’ll remember the brand that provided so many exciting Instagram moments during their youth.”