Design Boom describes the  whimsical and interactive piece designed by Florentijn Hofman of the Netherlands which is a centrepiece of a public park in Shenzhen China.

This artist is well known for whimsical  animal sculptures, located throughout the world. The concept behind the octopus created in Shenzhen is to create a space that can be explored and enjoyed by kids and adults.   “Hofman worked closely alongside the team at UAP throughout the design, development, and fabrication of the project, investigating the materials required to bring ‘kraken’ to life. providing an imaginative space for families to explore, visitors enter the playscape through the character’s tentacles, where they climb through a netted abyss. upon arrival to the top, a large playable space awaits within ‘kraken’s’ rounded head.”

The sculpture is well-integrated in the site, and its effective adoption by  the community is evident in the photos-everyone wants to interact with this wonderous creature.