A Blossom-ful Place

Lots of things change when big things change for the better.

Here at Point Grey Road and Collingwood, you will find “The Haiku Hedge”, installed as part of the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

Click an image to get an expanded slideshow of them all.

Would anyone have stopped to look at these, or even made the effort to put them up, when PGR was a noisy, nasty roaring arterial?

From the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival site:

Vancouver loves its flowering cherry trees, all 40,000 of them! While they bloom from March through May, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival invites you to celebrate their beauty with your haiku.

The ephemeral nature of the blossoming of cherry trees teaches us all to celebrate life now. Similarly, haiku captures a fleeting moment in time with deep awareness and subtle appreciation.

We encourage both budding and seasoned poets to join other poets from around the world (past submissions have arrived from as faraway as Australia, Bangladesh, Croatia, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and the United Kingdom) in honouring our awe-inspiring cherry trees.

The festival welcomes haiku submissions that capture the essence of cherry blossoms while honouring our relationships to each other and the natural world.

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