There’s always a place for colour and new combinations of design elements for our multi-dwelling developments in this city.  Last month I had a rainy day to kill in Seattle so I quickly photographed as many examples of materials, colours and building forms for new architecture I could find.  Here is a quick and dirty photo dump of the booming residential infill and commercial projects throughout the Emerald City.

Part 2 features the booming Cascade/South Lake Union neighbourhood centered on Westlake Avenue N & Harrison Street.

2017-02-28 12.09.18

Seattle’s urban Silicon Valley, the neighbourhood is dominated by Amazon’s campus and other Tech startups.  Buzzing with energy, new and historic building fabric is juxtaposed, feeling somewhat like a cross between Vancouver’s Olympic Village and the Pearl District in Portland. 

2017-02-28 11.51.07The detailing and materials on the Amazon Apollo Building is impressive, no doubt backed by a big budget. (325 9th Ave N)

2017-02-28 11.52.47

2017-02-28 11.54.25

Well detailed zen like Landscape at the Amazon Campus.

2017-02-28 11.59.53

Softer White and Blue tones of the University of Washington School of Medicine contrast the districts bolder architecture (850 Republican St).

2017-02-28 12.00.37

One corner of the Amazon Nessie Building.  Linear metal facade against patterned concrete.  Notice the rusted metal sculpture trellis anchoring the corner, soon to be partially filled out by the vine on the left (500 9th Ave N).

2017-02-28 11.49.24

More metal facades.  This time a galvanized against open glass aesthetic, clean and bright.  The louvers and multiple windows create a nice scale (225 Terry Ave N).

More photos of the Westlake Avenue Corridor Tomorrow.