From the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation:

There is a lot at stake in this provincial election. Already, transportation is becoming a key issue in the campaign, as evidenced by two announcements by the BC Liberals and BC NDP yesterday, proposing changes to the region’s tolling system.

The Mayors’ Council responded to the proposals by pointing out that neither party has yet committed to workable solutions that will reduce congestion across our region over the long term. Completing the 10-Year Vision should be the first priority for both our provincial and regional governments if we want to relieve congestion, improve affordability and protect the quality of life in Metro Vancouver.

If you haven’t already, please Take Action on our website, where you can show your support for completing the 10-Year Vision and take a brief survey. Responses are by first name and postal code only. Encourage your friends, family, colleagues and others to visit our site and Take Action, and we’ll be able to share your responses with the political parties as part of our candidate outreach activities.