While transportation is a big part of our lives, food is maybe bigger.  Here’s Vancouver’s Poet Laureate calling for submissions of prose and poetry about food. The submissions will become an anthology called “Sustenance”.

PoetLaureate2014_RachelRose2_600Writers are invited to submit short essays or poems on the subject of food. We welcome collaborative pieces. We also welcome individual submissions on subjects as diverse as exile, hunger, food scarcity, bulimia, fat shaming, urban beekeeping, rural hunting, community gardening, foraging, feeding a baby, waitressing, dumpster diving, butchering, eating vegan, or reflections on family feast days.

Submission Guidelines:

Deadline: April 15th, 2017
Sustenance will be published by Anvil Press September 1, 2017.
Please submit to sustenanceanthology@gmail.com

To which I might add:  locavores, California drought, foodies, food banks, food trucks, types of sausages available, food fads, gourmet cupcakes, cooking schools, coffee accompaniments.

And let’s not forget health, honoured in this dish by its wanton disregard