According to THIS by Richard Zussman on the CBC web site, we can expect the Province of BC to match the $ 2.2B Federal contribution to transit expansion in the Metro Vancouver area. Official word at 9 a.m.

Isn’t April Fools’ day tomorrow?  Or did I wake up in an alternate universe?

No matter.  This is a good announcement.  Glad to hear it.

But this does leave open the question as to where the other 20% will come from:

CBC Story:  The municipalities, represented by the TransLink Mayors Council, will now be responsible for finding the additional 20 per cent to cover the estimated $5.5 billion it will cost for the two major projects.

A senior member of the provincial government says it is willing to work with the municipalities to figure out how to fund their share.

Following last week’s federal budget, de Jong said the province’s suggested option is for municipalities to use money from the developments along the transit lines to pay for the transit projects