From SFU Urban Studies Program, Department of History and the SFU City Program:

Love as the Prime Force in the Economy of Cities – Equities of the Heart for Urban Competition


Larry Beasley,  retired co-director of planning for the City of Vancouver, will look at the city not as a situation of functionalities and efficiencies, or even as the nexus of sustainability, but rather as a facilitator of preferred human experience that underpins those more obvious outcomes.

From this perspective urban competition is not so much about growth and jobs strategies. It is about the arts, architecture, culture and heritage as factors of placemaking that touch a spiritual side, offer complete community life and convert sustainable urban solutions into delightful urban offerings. Vancouver, other Canadian cities and other international exemplars will be showcased.


April 3

7 pm

SFU Vancouver, 515 West Hastings St. (Harbour Centre) – Room 1420

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