As the BBC notes it takes something pretty exceptional to turn heads on social media. And Bon and Pon, a 37 years married couple who opened their first Instagram account 90 days ago have 89,000 followers @bonpon511. How?


By portraying their urban lifestyles in well and simply photographed images portraying aspects of their house, their style, and their clothes. Let’s mention the clothes again. These folks are 60 and 61 years of age. And the hashtags they are using? Take a look at #silverhair, #whitehair and #over60-

There is something warm and appealing about these folks that do  not match but do co-ordinate their clothes and playfully pose at their home in Japan.  You can be drawn into the remarkably normal and telling photos, an update of domesticity and home life that is usually relegated for younger folks forming families. Obviously a lot of people agree, with 1,000 new followers signing on daily.