From The Sun:


A much-debated idea – mobility-pricing – is moving forward for consideration in this region:

Mobility pricing, which includes road-use fees, has been proposed as a way to help fund the upcoming second and third phases of the mayors’ 10-year Vision for Metro Vancouver Transportation.

Last November, a joint mobility pricing steering committee was formed to develop regional objectives for mobility pricing and oversee the preparatory work to establish a mobility pricing independent commission. …

The steering committee has met four times and come up with a definition of mobility pricing, objectives for mobility pricing, the scope of the independent commission and the composition of the independent commission. It will deliver a final proposal for the establishment of the independent commission this spring. The commission will then submit its recommendations and findings by early 2018.

There’s a hitch, though: the prospect of another vehicle-levy repeat.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said he’s uncomfortable embarking on the process without provincial support.

“We’ve seen this scenario before at least twice in the last two provincial elections, where the province basically kicks the can down the road so there’s no controversy before an election about a hopeless situation, only to pull the rug out from under the mayors’ and TransLink’s feet after the election,” Brodie said.


Or to put it another way:



Here’s the only comment provincial minister Fassbender seems prepared to make:

“The province is interested in the work that the mayors are undertaking on this issue and we look forward to hearing about their findings,” he said


So, another bait-and-switch, or the only way to move forward?