Transit Success:   The Evergreen Line extension.  Lots of people riding; and lots of development along it should mean even more riders coming. And many are taking local trips. With thanks to Gary McKenna in the Tri-City News.

More than 30,000 riders per day are using the Evergreen Extension, making up half of all weekday transit trips in the area, according to numbers released Friday by TransLink.

CEO Kevin Desmond told The Tri-City News that Compass Card data shows a significant number of commuters have been travelling to destinations within Port Moody and Coquitlam since Evergreen opened on Dec. 2. “Twenty per cent of those trips start and stop within the Tri-Cities,” he said, later adding, “That gives you a sense of those activity nodes.”

By comparison, the 97 B-Line bus service that was replaced by Evergreen had 10,000 passengers per weekday, a third of the number used by SkyTrain since it opened on Dec. 2.

Transit Follies:   Meanwhile, at the development by Onni Group at the 25-acre George Pearson Lands, it looks like the developers may be shying away from adding a transit stop to the Canada Line (@ Cambie & 57th). This despite open house promo material (below). If so, this mistake would deprive new and existing residents of the area of a healthy alternative way to get around. [Thx Frances Bula].

A neglected opportunity like this would be a big bad mistake, and a source for decades of regret.