Peter Mitham writes in Business In Vancouver about that new player on the scene in Vancouver at the 6-month stage.  And it seems that a change in direction is emerging on his wall in the form of a 5-year plan involving a serious look at a new big picture.

The pace of change and development, combined with a generational shift, has created the need for a new consensus to meet the challenges of the future – one that could be equally successful if the city can again harness public trust and confidence. . .

. . .  “What is the bigger picture? Where should development go? And how does it tie into other community aspirations around sustainability, affordability and so forth? These don’t all seem connected at this point.” . . .


Thanks to I Chung Chow – BIV.  Click for a larger version.

. . . “Today’s game is a little more difficult, in the sense that the development isn’t concentrated downtown – a lot of it is along the corridors, the transit lines that we’ve built, infill in neighbourhoods.”

Planners need to work more intensely with residents to ensure connections between what’s happening on the ground and what cities would like to see happen, and how it all fits into the larger scheme of things.