If it is not already on your calendar it should be-Walk21, the international conference series about all things walking is heading to Calgary for September 2017. This conference series travels around the world and links the thinkers and work around walkable spaces,places and cities. 1n 2011 Vancouver hosted the conference, and the conference proceedings are available here at http://www.walkmetrovan.ca

At the Calgary conference you will meet people who are the artists, the philosophers, the policy makers, mayors and the visionaries looking at how to make walking safe, comfortable and convenient. Those subjects include urban design, health, and planning to create places we all want to live in. Walking luminaries such as Jan Gehl and Janette Sadik-Khan have hosted and spoken at these conferences.

I first attended  this conference series in Barcelona and met  Dr. William Bird with Intelligent Health United Kingdom. His approach of tying in health with the importance of walkable design in cities and the creation of places to walk to and through completely changed how I view city planning. If you can create a walkable community, you link in the social, physical and economic aspects of creating great people places. Last year I gave a TEDX Talk in Carson City Nevada describing the Transformative Power of Walking and three Vancouver citizen heroes that created community through championing local walkable initiatives. Supporting and advocating walkability is quite simply the right thing to do.

The Call for Papers closes on February 10 and can be accessed here.  Hope to see you in Calgary.

Students walking around campus in the fall of 2015.