Shelter is a basic human need. Here in Vancouver, the single family home (with white picket fence and two Buicks in every driveway) dominates the city’s space, our measures of status and our media conversation. But in reality, there are plenty of alternatives —  the “missing middle” and high-rises among them.

Here’s another.

In March 2014, Council approved the Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency (VAHA), with the primary mandate of creating new affordable housing in Vancouver across the housing continuum through innovative partnerships with private developers, charitable and/or nonprofit organizations, and senior levels of government. The Agency’s mandate targets the delivery of 2500 affordable housing units on City and/or partner land by 2021.

Underway is a 40-unit demonstration project underway at Main and Terminal, featuring Temporary Modular Housing.

The modules are supplied by Horizon North, and apparently the entire building can be disassembled, shipped and rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of a new traditional build.  For a glimpse inside, check out this video, courtesy of Postmedia outlet the Province.  [The preceeding advert is tone-deaf to award-winning level].

The 14,875 square foot building will feature 40 single occupancy suites with self-contained bathrooms and kitchens, individual climate control, and private living space. The central building features include indoor and outdoor amenity space, central laundry and a number of wheelchair accessible suites on the first floor.

. . .  with anticipated occupancy February 2017.  The 1500 Main Street site was selected because it is large enough to accommodate the project, it is City-owned and the existing zoning allows multi-family residential and rooming houses that are similar to the TMH design. The units in the pilot project will be approximately 250 square feet per unit, including a bathroom and cooking facilities. The site is also a future redevelopment site located within the False Creek Flats planning area and the TMH will therefore be relocated as development proceeds.