Though the viaduct described below ends after it crosses the vastness of Av Libertador (one of those multi-lane arterials which substitute for the freeways that Buenos Aires stopped from being built into its core), the rail right-of-way as it heads south into Palermo looks like it has been redesigned to provide for some of the badly needed open space that BA lacks.


Plus street furniture with flair:


As always with urban amenity, open space attracts affluence – notably new condos.


Some right out of the Vancouver playbook:


What, you are wondering, does a suite in that building cost? I’m guessing around a million American dollars – at least if the prices in high-end neighbourhoods like Puerto Madero apply here.

And from the look of the new highrises going up in middle-class Palermo, with their setbacks, security and concierges, it may be a trend.