Buenos Aires is one dense city; tight streets and building walls constrain almost every space, a consequence of Spanish surveying from the 1500s.   But there are exceptions – and one, ironically, is the first impression you’re likely to get of BA when driving in from the airport.  For 15 kilometres it’s one long bucolic landscape.


That uninterrupted rush of green buffer hides the city behind, until you exit the parkway and the city suddenly, completely surrounds you.


The other major break from the 16th-century street grid are the parks and walkways along the river.  The best park is, I believe, another legacy of Carlos Thays – the expansion of Parque Tres de Febrero.  Most seem to call it the Palermo Woods.


Like a Seurat painting on a hot afternoon in BA.

While the City may not have a lot of acreage in park space, what it does have is gorgeous:

park-2 park-4