While there are major parks along the riverfront, what partly makes up for the lack of local green space are the street trees – mature leafy deciduous trees in abundance.


It seems like all the streets in the older neighbourhoods are lined with them, almost unbroken in their canopy and coverage.


Like the street we stayed on in Palermo:



Does BA have the best urban forest for its size in the world?  It must be in the counting.  (I’d welcome other nominations.)  And there’s a reason.

Street trees have been a vital part of the city since the 19th century.  And the person who likely gets the most credit is Carlos Thays – born Jules Charles Thays in Parisarrived in Argentina  in 1889,  became infatuated with the young country and was named BA’s Director of Parks & Walkways (interesting that they specified “walkways” back in 1891.) “This position gave him significant influence over the design of the city’s open spaces, and his legacy is still strongly felt in the city’s open spaces today.”