The BBC reports on a project we’d all like to work on-Polynesia has signed an agreement with the Seasteading Institute of San Francisco to build-a floating island. “I don’t think it will be terribly radical at first,” the institute’s executive director Randolph Hencken, told the BBC.

Seastead communities are to be in international waters for “libertarian” life free of restrictive land  by-laws. “Mr Hencken is confident that having invited them to make their proposal, the authorities will grant them “leeway” to govern themselves and their “special economic sea zone”.”

Once the project can show a net benefit to the local economy and can ensure that the existing environment is not compromised, it can go ahead. “Whatever the motivation, it is a dream that is not short of ambition – floating social Petri dishes where each can experiment with new ways of living – but it is ironic that the first practical steps towards achieving it are in territory owned by one of Europe’s most interventionist states, France. Mr Hencken praises the stable institutions, friendliness and security of the “paradise” of Tahiti, in contrast to some more freewheeling and corrupt places they have considered in the past.” 

And here is the best part-“The institute itself was co-founded by Silicon Valley’s best-known Donald Trump supporter, Peter Thiel, and several of his associates are among its staff.”