The Reputation Institute gets a lot of attention when it publishes results like this, whether it’s companies, countries or as in this case — cities.


City RepTrak® is a global survey based on more than 22,000 consumer ratings, collected in the G8 countries, which ranks the world’s 55 most reputable cities based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect. Perceptions are then grouped into three dimensions: Advanced Economy, Effective Government and Appealing Environment. Cities with strong reputations are perceived positively in all three dimensions.

What value is there in this ranking?  Aside from a chance to see ourselves as others see us.  Well, according to Forbes:

The World’s Most Reputable Cities:  There is a direct link between a city’s reputation and people’s willingness to visit, work and live there. By focusing on reputation drivers, cities can improve their reputation scores and benefit from increased support from their stakeholders.”


Scan the list of cities HERE. With a nifty photo gallery.

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