For 2016 there were four stories that were deemed by the Price Tags Editorial Board as being the Most Polarizing.

The 2016 Gordie Awards for the Most Polarizing Planning Issue go to:

Single Family residence at Alma and Point Grey Road--“the cube of darkness”

perhaps best synopsized herehttp://www.theglobeandmail.com/real-estate/vancouver/bold-house-design-in-vancouver-draws-ire-while-blandness-runs-amok/article31464871/ ]



Taking out three-story residential walk-up construction in Burnaby–“renters can get a room with a view”



Trump Tower –” what are they thinking low hanging fruit, definitely a huge sore spot.Official opening postponed, although much of the building is in every-day use through the back door.”


Americanization of Vancouver City Hall –“time was the City Manager and the department heads worked at city hall for years, knew the system and everyone’s names, and worked up to their positions. City Managers were also not hires of new Councils, instead  managing approved policy over several councils, not immediate Council directives. Now Vancouver folllows the American model of city governance. The Engineering Department still has a head hired from within.  Gil Kelley, Director of Planning, Kaye Krishna Manager of Development Services and Sadhu Johnston, City Manager, are all American celebrating their Thanksgiving at the end of November. And they voted in the American election.”