It just makes sense, and Portland Council saw it that way. Bike Portland reports that in Oregon Portland City Council will be looking at “person trips” when reviewing Transportation System Development Charges, or  TSDCs. Those are  the charges that each developer pays for redevelopment of a property and are based on a model that estimates how many trips a new development will generate.

The trouble was that the standard used by Portland was developed by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Trip Generation Manual which has a tendency to overcompensate as if everyone in the city travels only by car. By using “person trips” instead of “car trips” the street can be reimagined in a way that is inclusive of active transportation users and also include transit, foot and cyclists.


Portland Council unanimously passed the motion to move towards the post motordom 21st century by ditching the ITE standard and moving to a more inclusive definition that will build better streets for all users. Providing meaningful standards that are no longer based upon 20th century ideas of car only movement is important in encouraging active transportation and building appropriate facilities. Good on Portland.