Glen Korstrom in Business In Vancouver samples opinion around Shaw’s Mobi by Shaw Go sponsorship deal.  Looks like Shaw has done pretty well.

Given Vancouver’s 10% (and rapidly growing) mode share for people taking bike trips to and from work, I think that Shaw’s sponsorship taps this growing demographic on the shoulder and says: “Hi, we’re with you”.

Mobi, shaw

Writes Korstrom:  “Not only does Shaw get to associate its brand with an initiative that many view in a positive light, it also gets to put its brand on a swarm of moving billboards and connects the brand with a demographic that is likely to buy Shaw products such as mobile phone plans and Wi-Fi.

“They’re really painting themselves the right colour here and showing that they care about social equity,” said Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business marketing professor Lindsay Meredith. . . .

. . . University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business marketing professor Darren Dahl: “Shaw taps into a specific consumer segment: younger and typically more environmentally conscious, . . .”

It is distressing that Prof. Meredith seems to think that Mobi, and probably bikes in general, are mostly for the poor.  This contradicts research into the demographics of people who ride bikes, and is a good example of myopic motordom at its finest.