Bike-share pops up in another Price Tags post.  I like to see where other city’s systems are going, since bike rides have 10% mode share in Vancouver for trips to and from work. And bike-share is a cheap and easy way for people to introduce themselves to regular bike riding, which could easily lead to ongoing mode-share increases.

BIXI in Montreal has published 2016 results, now that their bikes are bedded down for the season in that wintery city.  More detail HERE for those who read French. Look what’s happened to utilization in 7 years. 


With thanks to the Montreal Gazette

Plenty of indications that “Mobi by Shaw Go” (a.k.a. “Mobi”) is an early success here. After 7 years, and with a much larger system in a much larger coverage area, BIXI is getting around 3.7 rides per bike per day, but started with around 1.1 per day in the first year.  Mobi is at around 2 rides per day with much less coverage, and only 4 months into it’s operation.

Plenty of thoughts here, too, about marketing gimmicks and incentives, particularly around payment options. C’mon Compass.


  • Coverage: 460 stations / 9,670 docking points / 95km2  covered / 11 boroughs and 2 cities (Longueuil and Westmount)
Number of bikes: 5,200
  • Days in operation: 214
  • Trips taken: 4.1 million
Average number of trips taken per day: 19,069
  • 70% of trips are to and from work
  • Average bike usage time: 15 minutes
  • The busiest station: Maisonneuve/Bleury with 87,122 transactions
  • BIXI Manulife Valets: more than 44,000 bikes handled at permanent and temporary event stations
  • Overview of the six Free BIXI Sundays offered by Manulife (themed events taking place the last Sunday of each month): more than 134,000 trips taken equaling around 400,000 km covered.