City of Vancouver announced today that Shaw has made a 5-year commitment to sponsoring Mobi.  Shaw has taken every sponsorship opportunity from bikes to docking stations and lord knows what stuff in between. It will be called “Mobi By Shaw Go”. This brings in big bucks (no amount given) with minimal complication for Mobi.

Yahoo!!  This investment enables Mobi’s future due to greater financial security, and it further enables the crucial next stage: expansion.  Mobi has been remarkably successful so far with 130,000 rides, and around 5,000 members in 4 months from a standing start on August 18.  But its future depends on increasing its size and expanding its coverage area.

East Van, here comes Mobi, and another solid transportation choice.

City of Vancouver Press Release:   Shaw Communications Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Culture Officer Jim Little said: “We look forward to working with the City and Vancouver Bike Share to provide residents and visitors with a modern and eco-friendly way to enjoy Vancouver and connect with friends and family while on the go. As a major employer with hundreds of thousands of customers in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, we are proud to make this significant investment in the bike share program.”

In my thinking, Shaw is an excellent sponsor.  It’s a rich local company, with a history of community involvement. They’re in it for the long ride (so to speak).

Congratulations go out to Mia Kohout (Mobi’s GM) and all of her staff for getting Mobi out there, in operation, and now making future success ever more likely. It’s been a pretty smooth ride so far, and it looks like the ride just got a whole lot longer.