By Gord Price

… and not just Vancouver.


A building branded with the name of an American president — any president, but perhaps especially Mr. Trump — would be a tempting target for terrorists and other enemies of the United States.

Who is going to protect the buildings? Will the Trump organization hire a security firm to do the job, or will the American taxpayer be on the line for the bill? Will foreign governments offer to pay to secure the properties — a subsidy of the Trump organization that would probably violate the Emoluments Clause? – NY Times

Will Vancouver be expected to pay for that security, not to mention deal with the disruption of protests in front of the big gold ‘Trump’ sign on Georgia Street?  Well, of course.

But it will only take one significant terrorist attack at any Trump-branded hotel for the loss of business to be felt at every related franchise.

If I were Holburn, the company with the contractual obligations, I’d be more than a little anxious.