The latest from Todd Litmann in Planetizen:



Here are three specific ways that planners can help build broader support for multi-modal planning.

  1. We can do a better job of communicating the full economic, social, and environmental benefits of a more diverse transportation system, with special emphasis on “external” benefits to non-users. We may assume that alternative mode benefits are obvious that they don’t need to be articulated, but they do! …
  2. We can rely less on special modal plans, and instead make integrated multi-modal transport plans, so walking, cycling, and public transit improvements are integrated into all planning activities. Complete Streets policies are an excellent approach ….
  3. We can be smarter when comparing modes. As discussed in my column, “A Trillion Dollars, Or Cents Per Day,” if you want to make something seem expensive, report its total lifetime costs, but if you want to make it seem cheap, report its unit costs compared with other similar goods. In general, the best way to present any economic impact is measured annual per capita. …

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