This week our ‘Sunshine Coast correspondent,’ John Whistler,* begins a series that will provide background and comment on yet another massive road-and-bridge project by the Province.


Do We Need a Sunshine Coast Fixed Link?

The BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) has just opened their public consultation process to review a fixed link to the Sunshine Coast that would replace the existing BC Ferries service with various combinations of ferries, bridges, roads and tunnels.



Over the next few weeks I will further examine these issues:

  • What are the various trade-offs, costs and benefits?
  • What are the implications for more active transportation modes, for public transit and for those with mobility challenges and cannot drive?
  • What are the environmental implications?
  • How would financing fit into the current provincial tolling strategy – and would this be subject to a local referendum?
  • Why is this issue a priority and important?

What do you think about this and what issues are important? Give your comments either here in Comments or with MoTI before the November 8 deadline.


* John is a regular traveller to the Sunshine Coast to visit family in Sechelt and friends in Garden Bay. Typically he travels by public transit, though in the summer likes to ride his bike and will occasionally use a car.

He is a local advocate of active transportation and a Director of Pedal, which operates Our Community Bikes.  He served as Chair of the Vancouver Bicycle Advisory Committee from 1990 to 1996 and was a member of the Active Transportation Policy Council from 2013 – 2014.