Thanks to Mia Kohout (Mobi GM) for a few Mobi stats as of today, October 12.

  • 5,756 monthly and annual members to date.
  • Approx 2 trips per rider per day
  • Approx 2 trips per bike per day
  • 91,000 trips to date
  • 750 bikes at 74 active stations (half way there!)

Ms. Kohout tells me that the number of daily passes so far is roughly the same as the monthly and annual membership number.  It appears that, on average, a Mobi rider takes two trips when they “do the Mobi” on a given day.

Comparative stats around adoption rate are not available from other cities.

There is no doubt that Mobi is becoming a regular part of the Vancouver scene.  And signs are still good that Vancouver will be successful in joining the ranks of 800 or so cities with busy bike share systems.


Mobi on the Seaside Greenway (click image for larger version)

My personal experience continues to be excellent.  It all just works like you expect it to.