Had a chance to cycle the Arbutus Greenway from 41st Avenue to Cypress.  As reported, the paving project to provide a temporary hard surface on the old rail right-of-way is on hold – but, one presumes, not permanently.

As the weather changes, the need to hard-surface the route will become abundantly apparent.

Arb Green (1) (Large)

The downhill stretch from 36th to 33rd Avenue is somewhat a challenge for experienced cyclists: loose, rutted and not something you’d want to fall on.  But for most of the unpaved, there was not another person to be seen, whether on wheel or foot.

On the other hand …

Arb Green (3) (Large)

… the paved stretch in the 20s was a pleasure – and there were people there enjoying it.

There hasn’t been an update from the City – and no indication as to whether the rest of the route will be resurfaced by winter.  At a minimum the multiple street crossings in the teens need to be addressed: ambiguous, awkward and unacceptable.

IMG_9361 (Large)

So, anyone know what’s happening?